vivint_2gig_home_screen-300x220We provide some basic home automation via our security platform that is powered by  We are able to install thermostats that will allow you to set them up to run based on how you LIVE, not some schedule that may or may not really fit into your lifestyle.  The thermostats we install are touch screen and are very easy to use and will work with any heating and air unit.

We actually have an HVAC expert on our staff that has his certifications in this area.  We also have Zwave deadbolts that are bump key resistant from KwikSet.  These locks can also be set up to operate based on how your live your lifestyle.  You can control our locks and thermostats via your iPhone or Droid with the platform.  We offer these convenient and money saving devices at prices that make our competition jealous!

We can show you how our service can put money back in your pocket!  We also offer High Definition IP Camera solutions that can also be operated via this same platform.  We are very reasonably priced.  This investment will save you money, and can SAVE YOUR LIFE!

We also have available a Lift Master Garage door control module that will allow you to know if you accidentally leave an over head door open, and also control it via or platform as well.