We provide a way to save money on your electric bill with touch screen thermostats that allow you to set them up for how you live. You can remotely control thermostats, locks, and over head doors. We monitor your color touch screen life safety system through a Verizon GSM cellular module.

We also provide Two-Way voice communication with every system we install. This allows our Central Command center to hear what is going on and talk to you hands free through the panel. We even send severe weather alerts to you through your color touch screen panel. We offer IP cameras that can not only allow you to view live video, but also records video clips on our DDNS server so you can view them later. We also offer an Image Sensor that is a motion detector and night vision camera in one. This Image Sensor will take a string of high quality pictures and txt them to your phone and email them to your choice of email addresses. We will determine your needs and design a system that will best fit your needs.