About Us

Phil Leverette has been Protecting families in Tennessee since 1993 when he returned from Desert Storm after serving in the Army.  Phil grew up in Brentwood TN and attended MTSU.  Phil is the Qualifying Agent (License Holder) for Power Home Technologies in TN and is certified in Burglar Alarms, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), and Fire Alarm design and installation.  Phil is also the Qualifying Agent for Alliance Security (Power Home’s parent company) in Alabama.  Phil holds several low voltage certifications.

I am Phil Leverette and my number one priority is protecting you and your family.  What we install for you and your family is a full Life Safety System.  This is not just a burglar alarm.  I include one Smoke/Heat/Freeze detector with every home system at no charge.  This device is a must to save your life in the unfortunate event of a fire.

The detectors installed by electrical contractors are ionization detectors (particle detectors).  They were never designed to detect smoke from a smoldering smoky fire.  The photoelectric smoke/heat detectors that we install WILL save your life!  It will alert you and our U.L. Listed Central monitoring station.  Our Central Station will take the appropriate steps to dispatch the fire department and our system and service can save your life.

We also protect you against burglary which effects one in ten homes every day!  You are 10 times more likely to be burglarized if you do not have a monitored Life Safety System (FBI Statistic).  Home Invasions are also on the rise!  Let us keep you from walking into a very bad situation without a way to get help on the way!  It would be bad to come home to someone waiting on you in your home with a gun.  You may think this sounds like a scare tactic, but this very thing happened to my neighbor October 28th, 2010.  They even had a monitored security system at the time.  They unfortunately got out of the habit of using it and arming their system.  It will only work to protect you if you use it.

With our Interactive App Powered by Alarm.com you can make it pretty much impossible to forget to use your system with mobile services and GeoFencing.  Ask us how this works.


Power Home Technologies has been protecting families since 2004.  We have protected over 90,000 customers in over 20 States!